Sweat the small stuff

Smart Strategies for Holiday Sales

With Memorial Day on Monday, many of us are packing our bags to get away this weekend, leaving..

How does Dibs price fitness classes?

Is your pricing too low or too high? Are you turning customers away or leaving money on the..

How to navigate pricing for your fitness studio

Running a business, any kind of business, is like a never-ending quest. It’s not for the faint..

What are flash credits and how do they work?

Flash credits change constantly, so check back often to get the most out of booking with Dibs. 

2018 Update

This letter was sent by Dibs founder Alicia Thomas to all current partners on January 11, 2018.

Tara Foley of Follain

We are so excited to share our latest installation of the Founder Stories series: a conversation..

Emily Soong of Will Lane

We had so much fun catching up with Emily Soong, who brings out the everyday warrior in each of..

Corinne Wainer of SHAKTIBARRE

 Corinne Wainer is a direct but kind powerhouse who describes herself as a “Boston girl with a..

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Kristin Calabria (NYC yoga instructor and ray of sunshine) shares what she has learned about..

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Decided that you want to offer dynamic pricing to your customers? Cool. (If not- check out five..

Five Reasons You Should Use Dynamic Pricing at Your Fitness Studio

There’s been a lot of buzz around dynamic pricing and the fitness industry lately, and..

About Dibs

65% of new customers don't come back after their first month at a fitness studio, which puts a..

Lead Generation, Part 2: What Kind of Intro Special Works Best?

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The Problem with Discounting

I recently received an email from a fitness studio promising an “offer I couldn’t refuse.” The..